Team Trip to Hollywood… (bowling in Derby, just to clarify!)

At GRM we try hard to ensure there is a good work-life balance for all team members. Social events form a big part of this, with regular outings and activities throughout the year. This time it was a team trip to the Hollywood Bowl in Derby for our annual internationally recognised ‘GRM World Bowling Championship‘.

The 2023 tournament allowed historic rivalries to be renewed and new ones formed, accompanied by the usual dose of healthy sledging between competitors. It was also the first social event for Matt Lloyd, the newest member of our team who recently joined GRM as an Assistant Engineering Geologist.

Matt acquitted himself very well, but was no match for bowling veteran Courtney Blockley-Campton who took the overall title (and is seen below with fellow ‘trophy winner‘ Dawn Thomas). It was Courtney’s first time on the winning rostrum, but there were some protestations from fellow competitors when he revealed extensive recent practice including a visit to the venue itself to familiarise himself with the surroundings and acclimatise to tournament conditions.

GRM currently have two new positions available within the team. Full details for the roles for Assistant Geologist / Engineering Geologist and Assistant Design Team CAD Technician can be found on the following PDFs:

Assistant Geologist / Engineering Geologist

Design Team Assistant CAD Technician

Further information on working for GRM can be found on our website, including our commitment to developing your career path through a comprehensive training program and mentor scheme: Land, Your Perfect Career @ GRM.

Assistant Engineering Geologist Matt Lloyd with a good debut showing in the tournament
Trophy winners Dawn Thomas and Courtney Blockley-Campton