Ground Stability

Landowners and developers get excited about what is planned above the ground, but at GRM we get excited about what lies below!

Ground instability can be caused by a number of factors including historic mining (see specific Mining section), dissolution of soluble strata and the settlement of both natural strata (such as peat) and made ground.

Our in-house expertise in this area means that we can advise at an early stage if potential ground stability issues may be a risk and then provide guidance on how to assess and mitigate the risks.

Soil stability issues are not solely related to in-situ soils and here at GRM we often see soils which have not been cared for sufficiently following excavation, resulting in them becoming geotechnically unsuitable for use and requiring either off-site disposal or remedial works.

GRM has significant experience in the investigation and design of schemes to stabilise unsuitable soils to enable earthworks specification to be met without delay or costly import.

Examples of recent GRM news stories related to ground stability can be found via the following links:

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