GRM working with leading UK Kitchen Manufacturer on new Production Facility

The team at GRM have worked on a wide range of projects over the summer months, and this has continued into September too.

One example is the provision of services on a development project for a leading UK kitchen manufacturer adjacent to their existing site in Humberside. The new site is a 993,400ft2 production facility which includes car parking, loading yards, a trailer park and landscaped areas.

GRM is providing a range of services including:

  • Cut and fill earthworks at a sloping site to create a level development platform, with retaining structures to manage changes in site levels.
  •  Cut/fill neutral scheme, to minimise any disposal.
  • Earthworks supervision.
  • Global stability assessment of proposed retaining structures and slopes, with remedial recommendations and design for areas soft strata and deep made ground.
  • Supervision of geotechnical remedial works.
  • Bearing capacity and settlement checks of proposed foundations and retaining walls.

As you can see from the pictures taken recently during one of our site visits, the works are progressing well especially as the weather has been great for both earthworks and engineers!