Foundation Inspections

Many landowners and developers ask us to undertake site inspections at various stages of a project to ensure compliance with the designs. We are the safety net.

GRM has a team of engineers and inspectors who undertake site visits to ensure both compliance with the design and provide advice if unforeseen problems arise. This initial and prudent investment can save both time and money in the long run.

It is important to remember that well-crafted foundation designs, even when backed by geotechnical and structural expertise, are essentially just an educated estimate based on interpolations between ground investigation (GI) points which can be 50m apart.

It is therefore prudent for developers and builders to commission an independent foundation inspection to ensure compliance with the design and with building regulations (and hence meet requirements of warranty providers such as NHBC and building control).

GRM has a team of experienced engineers and inspectors who are dedicated to ensuring that your foundations are on solid ground, especially when confronted with demanding ground conditions. Whether you’re contending with variable or low-strength soils, instability issues, shallow groundwater, or foundations exceeding depths of 2.5 metres, rest assured we have the expertise to navigate these challenges.

We will confirm if the actual ground conditions match those used for the foundation designs, and if not then provide the necessary information to enable the developer to make changes and remain compliant with building regulations.

We regularly post news stories related to our foundation inspections and the benefit to clients. Examples of these can be found via the following links:

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