Foundation Inspections Provide Opportunity for Cost Savings

It is important to remember that well-crafted foundation designs, even when backed by geotechnical and structural expertise, are essentially just an educated estimate based on interpolations between ground investigation (GI) points which can be 50m apart.

When construction commences and buckets break ground, unforeseen challenges can surface. This is precisely where foundation inspections assume a pivotal role, safeguarding the stability and smooth progression of your project.

GRM has a team of experienced engineers and inspectors who are dedicated to ensuring that your foundations are on solid ground, especially when confronted with demanding ground conditions. Whether you’re contending with variable or low-strength soils, instability issues, shallow groundwater, or foundations exceeding depths of 2.5 metres, rest assured we have the expertise to navigate these challenges.

Over the past few months, our inspection team has been working hard, conducting assessments at more than ten sites across the East Midlands. We often unearth opportunities for cost savings through meticulous foundation inspections, such as the adoption of shallower foundations, which can significantly impact your project’s budget.

GRM’s inspectors can amend the design immediately where our Custom Fit Foundation Design Service has been used, or our observations can be referred back to the original designer if we inspect a third-party foundation design.

Furthermore, our inspection services extend beyond foundations; we also inspect retaining walls and gas membranes, ensuring strict adherence to your design specifications. We furnish you with comprehensive reports and photographic records, granting you peace of mind and enhancing your compliance with regulatory requirements.

Information on our Inspection Services can be found on our website, along with details of our innovative Custom Fit Foundation Design service:

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Alternatively, please get in touch via your main point of contact at GRM or for new enquiries email or call 01283 551249.