GRM provides services for new Merseyside Hospital

GRM have been back on-site at Mossley Hill in Liverpool undertaking further ground investigation as part of an ongoing project to design and build a new hospital for Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Our team initially undertook a desk study and ground investigation works at the site in October 2015, providing advice on likely ground conditions when the initial plans and designs for the new hospital were being formulated.

GRM then provided environmental support during the seven-month demolition and site clearance phase which was completed in February 2022. These clearance works removed the old buildings but retained the Grade II listed Mossley House which formed part of the original hospital (pictured).

Subsequent investigations are now ongoing to further define exact ground conditions. Specific on-site work included:

  • Trial Pitting to advise on the stability of shallow soils and also delineate deep made ground related to previous development at the site.
  • Window Sampling to determine the strength of the shallow soil.
  • Rotary boreholes to determine the geotechnical properties of deep soils. This will provide information for areas where piled foundations may be required.
  • Installation of water monitoring wells to determine the depth of groundwater and if this would impact on the geotechnical properties and foundation solution for the new buildings.
  • Chemical analysis of the soils to advise on potential risks to human health and how to best dispose of surplus soils.

The ground conditions included made ground ranging from 0.5m to 2.5m depth, underlain by weathered Chester Formation comprising medium dense sand and firm to stiff clay deposits.

GRM’s team of geotechnical engineers are now interpreting the data using their extensive knowledge and specialist GEO5 software to provide bearing pressures which will then be used in a value engineering process to design the most cost-effective foundation solution for the site.

Further details on the new hospital can be found on the Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust website:

A short video has also been produced by the Trust to show the initial stages of the project including ground clearance:–Nxz17OAY

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