The thankless work of a QA and H&S Manager!

We rarely shout about our ongoing focus on Health and Safety, so wanted to share an overview of our site inspection process and also showcase Lorraine Kent, who manages both H&S and Quality Assurance at GRM.

Lorraine has the essential but thankless task of ensuring all our projects and sites are compliant with the strict policies and procedures within the construction industry. This normally starts in the office with a review of the project file to verify all the paperwork. Specific attention is given to:

  • Suitable preparation of Risk Assessments and Method Statements.
  • Acquisition of underground service plans.
  • Procurement and management of approved subcontractors for plant and drilling.

Lorraine will then undertake a site visit to check a range of criteria including:

  • That the Method Statements are being followed.
  • Identified risks are mitigated, especially those from major hazards such as underground services, moving plant and excavations.
  • All personnel including contractors are wearing the correct PPE.
  • The site is secured as necessary with precautions and signage to restrict unauthorised access.
  • There is a site sign-in procedure and on-site monitoring process.
  • Suitable provision for personnel welfare and first aid if required.

Our focus at GRM on both QA and H&S means we are accredited and certified by all the leading industry associations and bodies. Full details of these can be found on the Policies and Accreditations page of our website.