The Design and Installation of a Gabion Retaining Wall to Protect a Housing Development Boundary

Our Engineering and Design Teams are regularly asked by clients to resolve unforeseen issues that arise during development projects. One recent example occurred following the demolition of a pre-existing barn when the neighbouring boundary wall was found to have stability issues. 

GRM were engaged by the developer to identify, design, and supervise a suitable solution that would stabilise the existing boundary wall along a 50m section. Our geotechnical and structural engineers looked at various retaining wall solutions, but the poor condition of the boundary wall limited the options available. It was therefore decided to use a gabion system which the GRM teams had previously used on sites with similar constraints.

Gabion walls are permeable to rainwater, cost effective, easy to construct and maintain. They are also free standing, therefore avoiding the need for deep foundations (which, on this occasion, may have further destabilised the boundary wall) and perhaps most importantly are aesthetically pleasing – from a geologists perspective!

Our team of engineers and designers produce the gabion wall designs which were then installed on site. The pre-existing boundary wall was not compromised, and both the client and neighbour were pleased with the solution.

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