Snow on top doesn’t stop GRM finding out what lies below

The recent cold snap and covering of snow might limit some businesses from operating, but at GRM we are mainly concerned with what lies beneath the surface rather than what lies above it!

This week saw us undertake some window sampling for a client at a site near Fradley in Staffordshire. We are helping them understand and monitor water level fluctuations, and subsequent drainage design.

It also provided the perfect opportunity to deliver some field training for several members of the team! Or at least we thought it was the perfect opportunity, not so sure they welcomed our choice of climactic conditions! Having said that, they certainly enjoyed working on real projects and gathering real data!

The borehole logs will now be taken back to our offices at GRM and profiled for the client over the coming weeks, along with ongoing monitoring of the water levels at the site.

All in a days work here at GRM!

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