New Gas Monitor ‘Detected’ at GRM Offices

Our teams always like it when a new piece of equipment arrives, and a ‘level of excitement was detected‘ this week when we took delivery of a new gas monitor purchased from leading supplier Gas Data.

The GFM 436 can monitor for Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Monoxide and Hexane. It has bi-directional measurement of instantaneous and peak borehole flow, and can also measure atmospheric, differential and static pressure.

GRM provides gas risk assessments to identify and quantify ground-gas risks to specified receptors based on a wide range of guidance and regulations. Ground gases can be produced from a variety of natural sources including coal, peat, alluvial deposits and rock (Radon), plus a range of man-made sources such as landfills, in-filled ponds, made ground and spillages of fuel and volatile organic compounds.

Monitoring installations will typically be put in place based on the type of site proposed, proximity to gas sources (often landfills), and the strata revealed during the ground investigation. Once the gas monitoring is complete ground-gas protection measures can be designed and put in place such as a ventilated sub-floor and gas resistant membrane.

This new gas monitor won’t be lying around in the office very long, and will start its ‘working life’ early next week on-site for one of our clients.

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