Heated Competition at GRM Crazy Golf Championship!

Last year GRM celebrated their 10,000 project milestone with a team crazy golf and BBQ afternoon at Branston Golf & Country Club. The event was so successful that the Directors decided to run it again this year (also giving them a chance to win back the Team Winner crown, which they claimed to have narrowly lost in 2022 under dubious circumstances).

We were once again blessed with wonderful weather and perfect conditions for crazy golf – not to mention an afternoon off work! Individual and team prizes were up for grabs, with rumours circulating that several people had been in advance to get extra practice!

Despite skulduggery and various attempts at sabotage, the Directors Team came up short this year (although they claim the rules changed)! The winning team consisted of Ian, Amy, Courtney and Jack (seen in the pictures below). Courtney also got the prize for individual winner with the lowest overall score, and Gill kept her crown (and some chocolate) for the highest ‘non-winning’ score!

Branston Golf & Country Club once again provided a fantastic BBQ on the patio, with everyone enjoying a few drinks and some healthy banter about what could and should have been on the golf course: “if only that putt had gone in…”!

A huge thank you to Dan and the whole team at Branston Golf & Country Club. The GRM Directors are already putting plans in place to run the event again in 2024, just as long as they can find a way to win it!