GRM save time and costs during drill and grout works

Many of our clients are surprised by what lies on and beneath the land they want to develop. This is often the case in areas that have previously been used for other purposes.

GRM are currently working on one such example in the Midlands. Our initial desk study identified the potential for shallow mine workings on site, and this was confirmed when we undertook follow-up ground investigations.

Our specialist team recommended ‘drill and grout’ as the best solution to stabilise ground conditions before construction began, and this week we have been on-site supporting this vital phase of the development project.

Richard Upton, Marketing and Sales Director at GRM, commented: “Our ability to coordinate everything in-house allows the client to concentrate on other aspects of the project. Our sole objective is to deliver the most cost-effective solution, thereby maximising their return on the development.

“In this particular example we only grout pumped where remediation was required, as opposed to across the whole site. This more targeted approach saved both time and money, plus reduced rig standing time and associated resource costs.”

If you have any development or construction projects, then please get in touch to find out how we can help and save both time and costs. Please use your main point of contact at GRM or for new enquiries email or call 01283 551249.