Fieldwork Fun and Frivolity!

Operating nationally and for a wide variety of clients, our projects sometimes require us to conduct site visits and fieldwork. This may be close to our Burton upon Trent head office, or further afield and frequently in less salubrious locations including former industrial and brownfield sites. This is all part and parcel of the job for our team of geologists, engineers, and inspectors!

However, every now and again they get fortunate, and we send them off to a project in an enviable location! And on this occasion Paige Colling, one of our Engineering Geologists, was the lucky recipient of a week-long fieldtrip to the Sussex seaside!

The fieldwork involved two days of window sampling and three days of trial pitting to determine the ground conditions on behalf of a residential housing developer. Paige completed 13 window sample holes and 30 trial pits over the week, revealing rock from the Cretaceous Tunbridge Wells Sand Formation, which will allow us to advise our client about the required foundations and drainage. While the shallow rock is a bonus for foundation designs, it may impact drainage and require some additional work.

With all that hard work during the day it meant that Paige needed some time to relax. Unsurprisingly, Paige was not short of things to do and places to visit in the evenings with Eastbourne and Brighton close by. With the stunning scenery and good weather (mostly) the sunsets were worth waiting for and to cap it all off we even managed to find Paige accommodation with a hot tub and friendly feline housemates!

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