Annual Staff BBQ Raises Money for Cancer Charities

Once again we were blessed with glorious weather for the annual GRM Charity BBQ. The event is always well supported by the whole team, and this year the chosen charities were Testicular Cancer and Breast Cancer.

Russ, Hodge, and Liam battled for control of a BBQ that had clearly seen better days! Questions were raised as to how old the equipment actually was, with rumours it might be as old as our MD Bill Peacock. Suffice to say that every remaining ounce of cooking ability was extracted before it was ceremonially dumped into the skip (the BBQ, not Bill).

Thankfully almost all of the food was consumed with no reports of subsequent illness, although the non-alcoholic lager fell a bit flat. There were a few leftover sausages that spent the night in the staff kitchen fridge, subsequently reappearing the next morning and just as quickly ‘disappearing’! The only other remaining tasks were to count the monies raised for the two charities and source a new gas BBQ ready for 2024!