Warmer Weather and Drying Soils are a Reminder of the Impact of Seasonal Desiccation

The UK has experienced an unusually wet winter and early spring which bought a number of challenges for housing developers, including waterlogged construction sites. However, the recent increase in temperatures coupled with drier conditions are a timely reminder that desiccated soils can cause significant potential risks to foundations.

As the desiccation testing season will soon be upon us, we also thought that we would issue a reminder to the series of posts we did last year about seasonal desiccation, the impacts of trees on foundations and how designs can mitigate those risks.

GRM can provide ground investigation, foundation design and site inspection services which can help manage the risks posed by seasonal desiccation, the rectification of which can be very costly. If you have any development or construction projects, then please get in touch to find out how we can help save both time and costs. Please use your main point of contact at GRM or for new enquiries email richard.upton@grm-uk.com or call 01283 551249.