GRM continues close relationship with British Verification Council

The British Verification Council ( was established in 2018 by professionals dedicated to raising standards in ground gas verification. Historically, this has been a bit hit and miss with installers complaining that the advice they received from different verifiers varied significantly.

The BVC is committed to creating standardisation in the verification process by bringing together like –minded companies and individuals. GRM was a founding member, and one of company directors sits on the BVC Board. GRM has 4 dedicated inspectors who have all been through the CLAIRE Verification of Gas Protection Systems Training Course.

GRM will continue its close relationship with the BVC for the foreseeable future and is looking forward to welcoming other new members in 2020.

To find out more about the BVC, or if you have any development or construction projects, then please get in touch either through your main point of contact or for new enquiries via or 01283 551249. Alternatively, a full email contact list is on our website