GRM Team Find Innovative Way to Choose the Numbers to go into the Management Accounts!!!

Of course that isn’t true; we use a random number generator instead…

Joking aside, GRM are proud of the working environment and support activities provided to all our staff. We discussed our approach to mental health in the workplace several months ago (GRM embraces ‘Wear it Green Day’ during Mental Health Awareness Week), and we also hold regular social events for staff and their families.

Within our head office we are well-known for the steady stream of cake that is freely available in our staff kitchen, and there is also a games/activities room which staff can use during breaks and at lunchtime too. Darts has grown in popularity over the last few months (thanks in part to the raised media profile and coverage on TV), and the addition of a dart board to the activity room has prompted us to start our very own darts league! With a third of the company taking part, competition is fierce between all the players, with matches often drawing huge crowds! Unlike the televised professional events, we try to keep the noise level and rowdiness to a minimum, although some barracking is unavoidable!

With the third round matches underway, Bryan and Liam are currently unbeaten and at the top of the leaderboard, although Bryan has edged into top spot due to having a higher checkout whilst Andy, George, Mandy and Trevor need more practice as they are yet to win a match.

This marks the next event of a busy sporting calendar at GRM following axe throwing in June (we were assured that pictures of the Directors were not used as targets), and the annual adventure golf and rounders events coming up in July and August.