GRM Launches CUSTOM FIT Foundation Design Service

GRM are proud to be at the forefront of foundation design and continue to look at new ways to improve both product and price for clients. We are therefore excited to launch our innovative CUSTOM FIT foundation design model.

This is based on a primary Key Plan and Schedule, with add on components based on individual development requirements. Examples would include existing tree influence, proposed tree planting, tanking, under-build, and drainage.

Sally-ann Hodges, Design Manager at GRM, has championed the new model and is excited about the opportunity it presents for housing developers: “Our CUSTOM FIT model is still underpinned by our industry leading 4 Corner Stepped Foundation Design process. This not only ensures the very highest standards for developers but also reduces the amount of concrete required by up to 30%, equating to a cost saving of around £500 per housing plot.”*

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Developers also benefit from GRM’s in-house Engineering Geologists and Structural Engineers, who understand land rather than simply applying NHBC standards. Their expertise and input into the design process significantly reduces risk for developers and the potential for remedial costs.

GRM has a proven track record of delivering design solutions for large-scale developments and major UK developers. Coupled with our end-to-end service including land appraisal and ground investigation means developments can all be managed under one roof, which saves time, cost, confusion, and blame.

Further details are available via this PDF Download. You can also contact Sally-ann directly by email: or call 01283 551249.

* Comparative modelling of uniform vs 4 corner stepped design on a per plot basis across a typical housing development. Actual cost savings based on C20/C25 concrete cost of £100 per m3.