GRM Training Scheme Accredited by Geological Society

GRM are proud of our approach to professional staff development, and we are therefore delighted to announce that our company Training Scheme for Geoscientists has been formally approved by The Geological Society of London.

This officially represents a re-accreditation of our training scheme, which is reviewed by The Geological Society every five years. Over that time we have continued to advance a number of elements of the training, especially where industry standards and processes have evolved.

Staff are now directly involved in defining and planning their own professional development under guidance from senior team mentors. This facilitates a sense of responsibility and career management. It has also been proven to deliver a more satisfying job role. 

Expected knowledge and competence levels within defined skill sets are clearly set out so staff can identify the specific training they require. Mentoring by senior colleagues means that professional progress can be managed throughout the training scheme. A robust management system means that periodic appraisals, roles and responsibilities, and record keeping are defined and monitored.

Naturally we will continue to review and the GRM Training Scheme for Geoscientists to ensure that all elements are relevant, industry changes are included, and, most importantly, it supports the Continuing Professional Development of our staff.