Gas Membrane Verification Training

At GRM we are proud of our on-going staff training program, which benefits not only our clients but also the career development of individual team members. Where possible, we like to get our engineers together in-house so that we can pass knowledge between team members; however, sometimes external training courses provide a way to confirm or enhance our existing knowledge.

One recent example was the Verification of Gas Protection Systems training course attended by George Salloway and Alex Thornber. George is one of our senior geo-environmental engineers and Alex is a geo-environmental engineer.

The course was organised through CL:AIRE (, and provided participants with a very detailed understanding of the requirements for verifying the installation of gas protection systems and focussed on verifying gas membranes and venting systems. It also covered integrity testing and checking that the correct testing procedures are followed on site.

The course involved a theory element followed by hands-on training in a range of techniques including Air Lancing (as shown in the headline picture) and dielectric testing. Air Lancing involves directing compressed air at 3.5 bar (50psi) at membrane seams. The lance is positioned within 50mm of the seam allowing for imperfections to be audibly or visually detected.

Both Alex and George found the course very informative and interesting and are looking forward to building on their training in the near future alongside GRM’s existing team of verifiers, who have also attended the course. This now gives us extra capacity to support developers and landowners who need gas membranes validating as part of their project specifications.

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