Design Team Given Opportunity to See the Results of their Work

The Design Team here at GRM provide our clients with a wide range of services, including foundation designs, budget foundation schedules, and structural engineering services such as AIPs, retaining walls, and structural surveys.

Their projects span the length and breadth of the country, but it’s always great to work on local projects close to our Burton upon Trent headquarters; some even allow us to see the development from our office!

Branston Locks is one such development site that GRM has been supporting with a range of services for several years (in fact, we even use a couple of training boreholes in our car park to monitor groundwater levels). Previous services have included trial pitting, window sampling, cable percussive drilling, gas and groundwater level monitoring, soakaway testing, and geotechnical design.

Getting our ‘hands dirty’ during site visits is an integral part of the job for most of our teams, however, the Design Team are rarely gifted this opportunity and tend to spend most of the working day tethered to their desks! This all changed last week when they got a rare opportunity to see the results of their work first-hand!

The Team was accompanied by Steve Morris, one of GRM’s site inspectors. Whilst Steve is used to site visits, the design team are not (look how shiny their PPE is). So, as part of their training, we arranged with Lewis Charity (Regional Land & Technical Director for Lovell) for the Team to see how their designs translate from paper into the ground.

A big thanks also to Dil Chima (Development Co-Ordinator for Lovell), who was exceptionally good at talking the Team through the various stages of construction as the Team walked around the site looking at houses at multiple stages of construction from pouring concrete foundations through to floor slab construction and up to completion. The Team was also able to observe a retaining wall being constructed.

Artist’s impression of Branston Locks taken from the planning application

Branston Locks is a large-scale mixed-use development consisting of up to 2,500 dwellings, 93,000 sq m of employment floor space, 3,700 sq m of retail floor space, healthcare and residential care facilities, a hotel, school, and leisure facilities, plus associated green and public open spaces.

Further information on the Branston Locks scheme that the Lovell site sits in can be found here:

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