CUSTOM FIT Foundation Design Model Proves Popular with Developers

GRM are proud to be at the forefront of foundation design and continue looking at new ways to improve both product and price for clients.

Last year, we launched our innovative CUSTOM FIT foundation design model, underpinned by our industry-leading 4 Corner Stepped Foundation Design process. This concept has been well received by existing and new clients, and the GRM Design Team have used the approach to help developers save costs while ensuring continued adherence to the highest standards.

The CUSTOM FIT model includes the core primary Key Plan and Schedule, with add-on components based on individual development requirements. Examples include existing tree influence, proposed tree planting, tanking, under-build, and drainage.

Developers also benefit from GRM’s in-house Engineering Geologists and Structural Engineers, who understand land rather than simply applying NHBC standards. Their expertise and input into the design process significantly reduces risk for developers and the potential for remedial costs.

One example of this is our expertise in understanding the impact of seasonal desiccation on building foundations. We covered this extensively in a series of articles earlier this year, and these can be found via the following links:

•          Understanding the Impact of Existing and New Trees on Building Foundations

•          Foundation Design: Tackling Soil Desiccation for Low-Rise Housing

•          A timely reminder: hot weather, clay soils and building foundations don’t always mix!

You can find more information on our CUSTOM FIT foundation design model and our Design Team’s services on our website: Design | GRM Development Solutions.

Or you can get in touch via your main point of contact at GRM or for new enquiries contact our Design Manager, Sally-ann Hodges, by email: or call 01283 551249.