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Our specialist geotechnical, environmental and structural teams work together to provide you with cost-effective and practical solutions to your development challenges. We are experts in identifying and finding solutions to ground and environmental hazards to ensure your project can be delivered in a compliant and cost-efficient manner.

GRM provides development services and solutions to aid both large and small developers in a wide variety of market sectors: Industry, Commercial, Retail, Residential (both private individuals and large PLC’s), Public, Education, Healthcare, Leisure and Transport.

We can often demonstrate that a perceived problem is not really a hazard to the development, so for the client, a small investment in ground investigation can return many times its value in terms of cost savings.

GRM understand that in a development scenario, time is money. We’ll carry out the investigation, draw up reports and recommendations, and help you to proceed with the solutions as quickly as possible, without compromising accuracy.

From the surface down.

We’ll find what’s there.
Decide how best to deal with it.
Then sort it out cost-effectively.

GRM provides developers with fast, reliable, practical and understandable advice for feasibility studies, land evaluation, foundation design, remediation evaluation and any other ground-related activity.

From the surface up.

We design it.
We make it safe and economic.
We ensure it’s built correctly.

GRM’s clear, accurate, prompt and user-friendly designs help development projects achieve success.
GRM’s above-ground work has to achieve compliance and planning approval.

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  • Emmer Chalk Mine

    Deborah Ashton, Principal Geologist at our Welwyn Garden City office, recently attended a guided tour of the Emmer Green Chalk Mine in Reading. The visit was organised by John Wong, from the Home Counties North regional group of the Geological Society. He also led some of the discussions. Deb’s write-up of the visit is below:

    November 11, 2019
  • A Day of Explosive Training!

    Last week, we undertook UXO training with 1st Line Defence. Based in Hertfordshire, the company operates across the UK to spread awareness of UXO risk and to ensure that ground operatives who may come into unexpected contact with UXO are given the tools and knowledge to understand the risks and to be able to act

    October 25, 2019
  • GRM’s Drone Services

    The benefits of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, to carry out tasks across multiple industry sectors are well-known. In the geotechnical sector, Using a drone offers increased efficiency, safety and cost-savings. Surveys which would take many hours, or even days, by foot can often be carried out in less than an hour with

    October 15, 2019
  • Living and working at GRM – Welwyn Garden City

    GRM’s South Eastern office, which opened in 2018, is in Welwyn Garden City. Managed by Chartered Geologist Deborah Ashton, it is ideally located for our clients across the South East of England. It is a convenient distance from London, being only 20 miles from the centre and a 30-minute train journey into King’s Cross. There

    August 20, 2019