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A team of 13 arrived by various routes to catch the 11.23 train to Sheffield from Derby. 13 is, of course, unlucky, so one member of the party was actually on his way to Sheffield before the rest of the party had even left Derby, now that is carrying superstition a tad too far!

Mr Jerram proudly demonstrated cost savings (as befits the FD) by waving his Senior Railcard and Senior Citizens Travelcard at every opportunity. It is about time he retired (and so says all of us).

The party arrived in Sheffield on schedule just after 12 noon and grabbed 3 taxis to the first stop. Unbelievably one of the taxi drivers did not know the way so it was a “Follow that Cab” moment. We all made it to The Brothers Arms – The bonus? the great view of Sheffield from the beer garden. The weather was clement so everyone took advantage of the weak Sheffield sunshine to sit outside, whilst consuming a couple of flavoursome pints of foaming ale.

The party then strolled (all downhill, fortunately) to the Sheaf; another fine hostelry, for yet more liquid refreshment before catching a bus into Sheffield Centre on route to our next stop. As pointed out very frequently, it would have been cheaper to have had a taxi but NOT for those that get FREE bus and tram travel Ha Ha!

The next stop was the Red Deer, which is an excellent city centre pub, much frequented by students. We did make a bit of noise due to the game of Jenga that Phil and Russell; Geologists here at GRM, clearly cheated at. The Red Deer is a nice quiet pub or at least it was until we arrived! Food was good here and we highly recommend the burgers!

After the obligatory team photographs outside, we had options as to where our next stop would be, but they were all logistically challenging (i.e. uphill) and therefore not popular, so we popped across West Street to the Blake Hotel.

Next stop involved catching the Tram back to the Railway Station in order to pay a visit to the Rutland Arms. Recall becomes a bit hazy here and the party became a touch fragmented at this point – some made it to Platform 1B (for another pint!!) whilst others staggered in a direction that looked to be away from the railway station rather than towards it. The party did miraculously make it home although four of them were not seen again that evening!!

As usual, the youngsters dozed on the train home but not Mr J who remained chipper throughout!!

It was a good day all round for everyone at GRM that made it!