25 Years Since Our Office Fire

Recently, MD Bill recently remembered a rather dubious anniversary, in that, back in December, it was 25 years since our offices at Bretby Business Park were ravaged by fire.

The fire started at midday and spread through the roof space across the office block and all Bill could do was watch the office burn. Not only did we lose all our files, books, and computer back-ups but Bill, who was moving house at the time and using the office for storage, also lost much of his personal belongings.

Of the day, Bill recalls “Imagine my relief when the Site Manager told me he’d saved our computer although that good news was dissolved when he brought me a printer.”

However, unlike many companies, we recovered from the losses and have since moved to our current location at Laurus House after expanding the business considerably. Today, with stringent fire safety standards and the help of our H&S Manager, Lorraine, we hope never to have a repeat of this incident.

The fact that GRM are still around over 25 years later is a testament to the character of Bill and Chris Jerram as figures suggest that around 70% of businesses fail within 2 years of a fire. It is their character and resourcefulness that shapes our No Problems, Only Solutions ethos.

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