The importance of ground investigation

HS2 has been in the news again after Boris Johnson has been urged to go ahead with the project, despite spiraling costs and delays.

“Unforeseen complications with ground conditions” have been cited as one reason for the delay, including “failure to anticipate the challenges of passing through porous salt mines, chalky rubble and ancient woodlands.” The Financial Times writes that “ground conditions were significantly more challenging than predicted.”

GRM design and price investigations to avoid such occurrences, because we would rather not endanger clients’ projects, even if it does increase the investigation costs slightly. Although it should also be realised that the uncertainty in ground does mean that the GI has to evolve to meet fresh risks, so the experience of the GRM team has to match the challenge.

All of this highlights the importance of not only a thorough desk study and ground investigation at the beginning of a project, but also experienced professionals to review and interpret the information. A small investment in a detailed ground investigation can return many times its value in terms of cost savings.

With 30 years of experience and our “no problems, only solutions” ethos, we ensure that your project can be delivered with strategies to deal with difficult ground conditions.