No problems, only solutions for complex brownfield site

GRM have been working with Redrow Homes South East on Regent Quay since 2017. Our ‘no problems, only solutions’ ethos has ensured the transformation of this complex brownfield site, from dereliction into an attractive and modern residential development.

Historical maps from the 1860s show a brickworks on the site, with associated tramways and sidings, but no evidence of clay or brick pits. In the 1970s, it was redeveloped as an industrial estate including the presence of tanks and electricity sub-stations. More recently the buildings were demolished and the site left derelict; it was rather an eyesore.

The site benefitted from GRM’s notable interdisciplinary approach across its geo-environmental and structural teams. We have been involved in every step from the Phase II ground investigation to remediation and validation and have also provided structural advice.

    Asbestos Remediation

Within GRM’s Phase II investigations, asbestos was encountered on a local scale. The remediation measures we agreed with the Local Authority and Warranty Providers ensured the risk posed to residents and site workers could be mitigated.

    Soil and gas membrane validations

As part of the Phase II investigation, GRM also identified a risk from ground gas and soil contamination. Our Environmental Team derived a remedial strategy to mitigate the risk to future residents. The strategy included gas protection measures within proposed buildings and a clean soil capping layer within gardens and soft landscaping areas. In order to confirm that the works were satisfactorily completed, GRM provided independent verification in line with current guidance (CIRIA C735). Our validations team carried out on-site inspections, facilitated soil testing, and produced remediation reports to satisfy regulators. The works were completed promptly, in conjunction with site staff, to meet CML deadlines.

    Retaining wall construction

An existing cantilever retaining wall, which was constructed in the late 1970s to support the local highway required refurbishment. GRM working together with Surepath and Kent County Council specified a new shear key design. GRM managed the Geotechnical Design Report to obtain approval using DMRB standards. We utilised our geotechnical and structural expertise to ensure the design met Local Authority standards. Our design was sympathetic to the aesthetic of the development and the client’s construction timeline requirements. We went on to supervise the construction works, ensuring the shear key design was appropriate throughout.

It’s satisfying to see the development coming to completion, knowing that our work ensures families will be safe and happy in their new homes.