Inspections of two bridge abutments

GRM have been undertaking regular inspections of two bridge abutments, which are being constructed on a housing development site in Leicestershire.

The bridge is being constructed to provide a pedestrian crossing over a brook located close to the perimeter of a housing development. Because Leicestershire County Council will ultimately adopt the footbridge, once completed, they require regular inspections in order to sign off the construction.

Working closely with both the Council and the Developer, GRM’s Structural Team initially completed the design for the base and stem of the abutment. Following this, we carried out an inspection to verify that the ground conditions were adequate for construction to proceed. We then completed inspections to verify that the reinforcement is correct according to our design, and concrete could be poured.

The photos show our inspections at various stages of construction.
Unfortunately, the rain we’ve been having has limited progress as the work area has been flooded. In fact, the waterline of the brook is visible in our photos behind the sheet piles, so you can understand the necessity of the bridge!







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