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GRM recently investigated a site located in Moira, Leicestershire on which our Client proposed to construct residential properties. Historically, the site was previously a bus maintenance and storage depot, and contamination commensurate with this land use was anticipated to be present. 

In addition, to allow for the bus depot to be constructed, part of the site had been filled with largely uncontrolled waste to form a suitable development platform and so it was considered likely that other contamination, such as asbestos, could be present. Ultimately, the ground investigation confirmed a general absence of significant contamination, with the exception of an area hydrocarbon contamination associated with former fuel tanks and supply lines. 

GRM worked with a local remediation specialist to design a bio-remediation treatment programme that would allow the hydrocarbon impacted soils to be excavated, treated and re-used on site. The strategy was successful in its aims and resulted in the cost of the development being reduced significantly.