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“There are smiles all around the office at any time of day and you can have a laugh with everyone, Director’s included. They call it ‘work’ but it is genuinely enjoyable to be here at GRM. People work for each other. It’s a kind of community spirit here that I haven’t seen for a long while and it’s such a refreshing change.”

Andrew Brown
Principal Geotechnical Engineer, GRM Development Solutions

“I initially came to GRM on a short term loan of about 10months and I’ve somehow managed to “extend my welcome”, on and off, for the best part of a decade. During that time the mix of youthful enthusiasm and older experience, generally friendly, laid back attitude (workload permitting) and regular social gatherings allow me to think that this may well have been one of my better career moves and I can look forward to a few more years of useful, fulfilled employment before finally hanging up my mouse. At GRM, I would say: “we are given every opportunity to develop our optimism” Time flies “in at 55 and before you know it, your 65 and hardly a clock watched.”

Derek Asquith
Acting Senior Cad Technician, GRM Development Solutions

“I have worked for GRM for nearly 4 years now. I was new to this sector and willing to learn all I could, the company and staff were and have equally been eager to support since day one. We have 2 families in this life; our relatives and our work colleagues. I definitely class GRM as my work family – even the wife has noticed a change in demeanour since I have been employed here.”

Liam Press
Senior Field Technician, GRM Development Solutions

“Working for GRM affords great equal opportunities to enhance and develop your career even to diversify into areas you never knew you were interested! Whether you are starting out on your career, a career change or winding down your career. The office environment is friendly, with very approachable staff technical or administrative. There are opportunities to join out-of-office activities from badminton, train journeys, cycling challenges and anything in-between to socialising at a pub, everyone is welcome, partners too! I’m very happy here, long may it continue!”

Gill Pittam
Engineering Geologist, GRM Development Solutions

“My infamous career before joining GRM exposed me to various working environments, of both good and bad atmospheres.  I can say GRM is the friendliest, most supporting and flexible work place I have endured. This approach allows me to work the hours required and also do the family appointments.”

Richard Hodgkinson
Senior Geotechnical Engineer, GRM Development Solutions

“Everyone has a place in the company and is appreciated no matter what your position.  I thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day and love the people I work with.”

Sandra Dinsdale
Receptionist, GRM Development Solutions

“Over the past 3 ½ years GRM has proven to be a unique working environment full of friendly individuals. I have always been impressed with the emphasis on providing opportunities for professional development and enjoyed the regular social events which never fail to disappoint!”

Patrick Rowlandson-Gray
Structural Engineer, GRM Development Solutions

 “I’m proud to be working for GRM, we have a good working relationship with our clients and a high standard of work. Recently we have expanded internally which has given some of us who have worked here a long time, an opportunity for promotion within the company. The company is always looking to the future, hence two new directors, a new office and a drone service. I am a working mother who still wants a career and GRM have given me the opportunity to have both.”

Bev Bryant
Finance Assistant, GRM Development Solutions

“GRM provides a good work environment, and delivers for our Clients whilst having the best interests for its employees. It has been one of the better companies to work for in my career.”

Charlotte Mortimer
Senior Environmental Scientist, GRM Development Solutions

“I have been very lucky (or selective) that the places I’ve worked at have all had a similar working ethos and friendly atmosphere. Whilst a cliché, the phrase ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care’ applies to the attitude to both GRM staff and clients alike, with a focus on a healthy work:life balance.”

Siobhan Jackson
Principal Environmental Scientist, GRM Development Solutions

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunities you have given me during the past 11 years. I will always look back at my time at GRM with fond memories and wish you every success for the future.”

Richard Cartwright
Structural Engineer, Former GRM Employee

“I have worked in a few places before GRM, some good, some not so good and some bad. The thing that stands GRM apart from the rest is, the friendly, laid back (but hardworking) attitude and the get-togethers are a must. This is the only place I have ever worked where I do not clock watch and time flies….you come in at 8.30am and before you know it, it is past home time!!”

Jo Chamberlain
Admin Assistant, GRM Development Solutions

“Without doubt GRM has been the best company I’ve worked for in the 17 years I’ve been an engineer and if I had to ascribe one attribute that defines GRM and discriminates it from its competitors I would simply say that this company has a ‘soul’. I’ve worked for enough companies now to understand that the culture within a business permeates from the top down and so the good natured professional enterprise I have found here is a positive reflection on the ethos of its founders.”

James Lawrence
Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Former GRM Employee

“I believe GRM really care about my career development, work-life balance, job security and general wellbeing, but the reason I stay at GRM is the positive work environment and friends I work alongside every day.”

George Salloway
Acting Senior Geoenvironmental Scientist, GRM Development Solutions

“My role at GRM was my first full time role and I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to start my journey in this industry. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity GRM have given me. I started off my employment in the CAD team doing foundation design and moved to become an Engineering Geologist after 1 year, which not many people do, nevertheless they were understanding and allowed me to pursue my ambitions. All of the staff are friendly and approachable, senior staff were more than supportive and the girls in the HR department are a laugh to say the least, even if I did forget one of their names at the xmas party. I’ve had a lot of laughs with everyone during my time here and I will always look back on my time at GRM with a smile and wish them very success in the future.”

Tom Heath BSc FGS
Assistant Geologist, GRM Development Solutions Ltd

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