Archaeological Surveys

Archaeological Surveys

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As developers continue to seek sites suitable for development, land in historical areas of towns and villages is coming under increasing scrutiny from would-be buyers. Developers may wish to know the archaeological implications of such a site prior to purchase of the land or submission of a planning application.

The link between a region’s geology and its historical / archaeological heritage should not be underestimated. The availability of raw materials required for industrial processes and the concomitant development of a skilled workforce have frequently resulted in the same parcel of land being re-used perhaps for centuries.

Sites contaminated by former industrial activities may contain remains associated with such former uses in the form of buried features and / or standing structures. Contaminated land may be found to overlie well-preserved (and in many cases relatively uncontaminated) earlier archaeology.
As part of its package of services

GRM can provide cost-effective desk-based studies to assess the likely archaeological potential of a site.

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