About Us

About Us

Providing solutions for 25 years.

No Problems, Only Solutions.

Our specialist geotechnical, environmental and structural teams work together to provide you with cost-effective and practical solutions to your development challenges. We are experts in identifying and finding solutions to ground and environmental hazards to ensure your project can be delivered in a compliant and cost-efficient manner.

GRM provides development services and solutions to aid both large and small developers in a wide variety of market sectors: Industry, Commercial, Retail, Residential (both private individuals and large PLC's), Public, Education, Healthcare, Leisure and Transport.

We can often demonstrate that a perceived problem is not really a hazard to the development, so for the client, a small investment in ground investigation can return many times its value in terms of cost savings.

GRM understand that in a development scenario, time is money. We'll carry out the investigation, draw up reports and recommendations, and help you to proceed with the solutions as quickly as possible, without compromising accuracy.

From the surface up

We design it.
We make it safe and economic.  
We ensure it’s built correctly.

GRM’s clear, accurate, prompt and user friendly designs help development projects achieve success. GRM’s above-ground work has to achieve compliance and planning approval. 

From the surface down

We’ll find what’s there.  
Decide how best to deal with it.  
Then sort it out cost effectively.

GRM provides developers with fast, reliable, practical and understandable advice for feasibility studies, land evaluation, foundation design, remediation evaluation and any other ground-related activity.

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