A Long Drive To The Forkers Golf Day.

  • By Lawence Johnson
  • 27 Oct, 2015

The resemblance is uncanny!

GRM bravely accepted the invitation to take part in The Forkers Golf Day on the 10th   of September 2015 in order to keep up appearances and network with fellow experts of the industry. The day was held at The Belfry, four-time host of the Ryder Cup.

There were five competitions linked into the day (3 of which were side comps: Longest Drive, Nearest to the Pin and a yellow ball – which team can start and finish with the yellow ball). The other two were a group best score and an individual best score – oh and the toilet seat hat on the pictures is the worst score.

Not one of the GRM team even hit the green on the nearest to the pin – Alex, Matt and Paul (quantity surveyor) from Forkers. Alex won the longest drive on the 18th   hole and also the best individual Stableford Score – picture shows him with his winnings. Although, we lost the yellow ball on the second hole – comical.

Our Plan is to send Alex and Matt down to the driving range for the come back next year.

GRM News

By Steve Davies 07 Sep, 2017

In late June, GRM geologists Dr Tim Rogers (a former PPL holder and experienced photographer) and Alistair Walker (a current glider pilot) attended a training course run by Flyby Technology (Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved assessors) in Essex to learn how to fly un-manned aerial vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) safely and legally for commercial operations.

The training started with two days in the classroom covering subjects like air law, meteorology, navigation, operational planning and pilot skills, followed by an exam, which both Tim and Alistair passed with flying colours. Days 3 and 4 were outside learning to fly the drones in a professional, safe and legal manner; to add to the challenge in got a bit windy. Day 5 was the flight test which took place on an active airfield with vintage aircraft (Tiger Moths and Harvards, for those interested) flying around, together with the local birds of prey taking a close interest in the drones. Tim and Alistair both passed the test.

With the course completed our Operations Manual and other paperwork have been submitted to the CAA with our application for a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).

Once GRM receives its PfCO we will be offering a wide range of services ranging from aerial photography and videos, to aerial mapping (producing detailed photomosaics and preliminary topographic surveys) and inspections of roofs, chimneys, flare stacks and other hard to get places.

By Lawence Johnson 10 Jul, 2017

Sisters GRiM - Solstice Walk, 17 Jun 2017

As first time participants; 13 female staff members of GRM supported the St Giles Solstice Walk on 17th June 2017, the night-time 9-mile walk through Lichfield (2 laps of 4.5 miles) was an amazing opportunity for women across the region to get together and raise funds for a fantastic cause in the local community, to help make a difference to the lives of local people living with cancer and other serious illnesses.

On what was a fantastic day with glorious sunshine, the Sisters GRiM were relieved when sunset came and the temperatures cooled to a much more pleasant level. The event passed off largely without incident, except for one member of the team who twisted her ankle, but thankfully it was not too serious and she is back at work, albeit with the aid of a stick.

Thank You!

The Sisters would like to say a HUGE thank you to all those that donated and could not have done this without your support. Another big thank you goes to TAG Sports and Promotional Clothing for creating the t-shirts for the event and to GRM for paying the administration fee.

In total the Sisters GRiM Solstice Walk raised £1856 for St Giles Hospice, which was rounded up to £2000 by GRM. The sisters smashed their target by 200%

For donations, please click here >  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/GRM-Sisters-GRiM

St Giles Hospice

St Giles Hospice provides high-quality care for local people living with cancer & other serious illnesses & support for their families & helpers. Free of charge care is offered in Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Whittington, between Lichfield and Tamworth & in patients’ own homes across the region.

By Lawence Johnson 07 Jul, 2017

GRM recently investigated a site located in Moira, Leicestershire on which our Client proposed to construct residential properties. Historically, the site was previously a bus maintenance and storage depot, and contamination commensurate with this land use was anticipated to be present. 

In addition, to allow for the bus depot to be constructed, part of the site had been filled with largely uncontrolled waste to form a suitable development platform and so it was considered likely that other contamination, such as asbestos, could be present. Ultimately, the ground investigation confirmed a general absence of significant contamination, with the exception of an area hydrocarbon contamination associated with former fuel tanks and supply lines. 

GRM worked with a local remediation specialist to design a bio-remediation treatment programme that would allow the hydrocarbon impacted soils to be excavated, treated and re-used on site. The strategy was successful in its aims and resulted in the cost of the development being reduced significantly.

By Lawence Johnson 23 Jun, 2017

Everyone at GRM would like to wish Alex and Joanna Robins a happy and prosperous future following their recent wedding.

Alex (a Geologist with GRM) and Joanna Robins, however, started their marriage in an unusual way by foregoing a traditional honeymoon in favour of walking the 160 miles from their wedding reception in Stroud (Gloucestershire) to their home near Derby, a journey which took them 10 days to complete.

The walk was a fundraising drive in aid of Rutland Memorial Hospital and the mental health charity - Heads Together Campaign.

Alex and Joanna’s exploits have helped to raise over £1800 so far and have even brought them regional recognition in the local press  http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/derbyshire-couple-ditch-honeymoon-for-160-mile-charity-walk-from-wedding/story-30368556-detail/story.html .

If you would like to donate to two wonderful causes, then please visit their JustGiving page .

By Lawence Johnson 20 Jun, 2017

 As GRM grows we require more personnel to provide the quality service that we pride ourselves on.

Over the past year we have added an additional 10 new team members and have continued our tradition of employing new graduates straight from university.


Our new starters are:

THOMAS ‘TOM’ ROBSON — Field Technician

ALISTAIR WALKER — Assistant Geo-Environmental Engineer

LOUISA BINDI — Assistant Geo-Environmental Engineer

SONIA SINGH — Assistant Geo-Environmental Engineer

Both Louisa and Sonia have been given permanent contracts after completing a 6 month paid internship arranged through the University of Leicester

JAMES LAWRENCE - Senior Geotechnical Engineer

EDWARD 'ED' NETTLESHIP — Trainee CAD Technician

WAYNE BARRY — Field Technician

MAX WOODING — QA Co-Ordinator

RYAN BOLTON — Assistant Geo-Environmental Engineer

FAY CHAPPEL — Assistant Geo-Environmental Engineer

By Conner Thornewill 02 Mar, 2017

We are at the same time happy and sad to announce the retirement, just before Christmas, of our friend and colleague Gilly Ash.

She has been an outstanding addition for more than 15 years as Senior Finance Assistant at GRM although she has known Mandy, Bill and Chris for over 20 years

A grand party was given in her honour (see pictures). With speeches from our directors, loads presents and of course the odd tipple.

Gilly is a kind, generous and helpful lady so, we would just like to say a deep and heartfelt thanks for your contribution in your work for GRM and also for your invaluable friendship.

We all hope you have a happy, long retirement and enjoy the Yacht.

All the very best from all your colleagues here at GRM.

By Lawence Johnson 02 Nov, 2016
GRM have been supporting #wearitpink day for year and this year we thought we would do Fancy Dress to help fight breast cancer!

This year the team picked 'Come as your favourite food' (see pics below). The winner was...our fellow director, Dr. Peacock, dressed as a bunch of grapes! #fix
By Lawence Johnson 02 Aug, 2016

Through the expansion of GRM, we are delighted to announce that we have secured the services of 9 new employees. This talented bunch bravely joined the family of GRM during 2015 and are all enjoying their new roles. So, after having a few new faces we thought we’d introduce them to you, here, on our blog!

STEVE DAVIES – Business Development Manager

JO CHAMBERLAIN – Business Assistant

SANDRA DINSDALE –  Receptionist

 LIAM PRESS – Field Technician

CHARLOTTE CAMPION – Assistant Geologist

RAVEED ASLAM – Geotechnical Engineer


PATRICK ROWLANDSON – Structural Engineer

CHARLOTTE TAYLOR –  Environmental Scientist

Welcome to the team guys!

By Lawence Johnson 02 Aug, 2016

Japanese Knotweed is known as one of the World’s worst invasive species, and it can seriously damage buildings and construction sites if left undetected. It is originally from Japan (obviously) and came to Britain in the late 1840’s by a Dutch doctor called Phillipe von Siebold who started to sell Japanese Knotweed to botanical gardens and to high society figures as in those days it was classed as being ‘ornamental’. Then, by 1869, it became available for public sale because farmers started to use it as feed for their animals. A few years passed until people started realizing that ACTUALLY Japanese Knotweed was a bad thing because it had started to grow in the wild. The 1930’s came and the rise of Japanese Knotweed was starting to reduce house prices, with East Cornwall’s dropping by £100.

In 1981, the Wildlife and Country Act made it an offence to introduce Japanese Knotweed into wild spaces & fast forward a few years, in 2011 Aphids were released in Swansea to try and combat the plant, with no luck. Removing the plant altogether would have a hefty price tag, £1.5 billion to be exact. We understand that the plant cannot be dug out of the ground, as it’s so difficult to eliminate all of the roots effectively. If less than a grass of its roots is missed in the process, it will rapidly regrow. You can spray, or inject, herbicides into its stem, but this takes six months, so you’ll have to be patient and rich, too – this can cost £1,500 for just a small patch of the weed.

The reason why everyone hates it so much is because it has really a wide-ranging root system, which can extend up to 3m in depth and 7m in all directions. These can pose a serious threat to construction works and have devastating consequences to building foundations and drains.

Yes it does grow quickly, at a rate of more than a yard per week. The damage caused by its roots and stems costs the economy around £166 million every year in weed control and property devaluation.

If you are found to be failing to stop the spread of the plant, you can be issued with an Antisocial Behaviour Order – yes, an ASBO. Under these orders, you could be fined up to £2,500.

Thank-you to the Telegraph for this wonderful information.

By Lawence Johnson 27 Jul, 2016

October 2014  

The most important meal of the day

To keep out the autumnal chills, the early birds here at the head office met for a cooked breakfast. What a delicious way to start a Monday morning and a great opportunity to socialise for those that commute and are not always able to make the evenings out.

September 2014

Supporting Macmillan  

The nominations for Ice Bucket Challenges swept through social media and through GRM at a tremendous pace. Sorry no videos!

August 2014

Fantasy Football

With Autumn just around the corner it was time for Fantasy Football teams to be picked.

Richard Upton, once again set up two leagues, a classic league based on total number of points and a head to head, working on points for winning/drawing against other people in the league.

 The league which is open to employees and their families had 13 entrants this year all competing for the 1st prize of: Kudos, adoration of your fellow colleagues and bragging rights.

Matt Tomkins team, ‘The Double Bungers’ has taken an early 10 point lead in the classic league and whilst Richard leads the head to head league by 2 points.

August 2014

Climbing the walls – http://www.theclimbingunit.com

 A group of fearless GRM’ers have been meeting to scale the walls of a local climbing centre over in Derby.

Great for those sporty types who enjoy something a bit different and some of our more experienced climbers were on hand to show the beginners the ropes. (HaHa)

July 2014

The Annual Rounders match and picnic

 A great start to the summer holiday season, and so lovely to see the kids (both big and little) enjoying the fun, fresh air and food. This year we were once again blessed with good weather, teams were headed up by two of GRM’s younger members Sarah and Phil, team Sarah was victorious.

 Amusing to see what is fun for some, is deadly competitive for others. (they know who they are)


June 2014

London to Paris Cycle Challenge

4 intrepid cyclists, Geoff, Matt, Courtney and Paul with support vehicle driven by Tony embarked on 2014’s cycling challenge.

 Day 1:  London Eye to Newhaven (overnight in YHA) 102 miles

Not an overly enjoyable ride through London but Courtney said that one of his personal high points was cycling across the hills of the North Downs National Park.  

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